The Old Masters of Art

What does the term Old Master actually mean in terms of art? “In Fine Art, the term Old Master traditionally refers to great European painters practicing during the period roughly 1300-1830”, this definition was given by the Visual Arts Cork. It is a rather woolly phrase, but it suffices to describe our subject matter. The Old Masters are collectively responsible […]

The Great Italian Painters

Some of the greatest painters of all time have hailed from Italy. Italy has been thoroughly blessed with culture and art, it’s great cities Rome, Florence, Venice, Genoa were the epicentre of art in Europe especially during the Renaissance period. So, it is hardly surprising that some of the greatest painters on the planet have been Italian. We take a […]

The Great Sculptors

Some say sculptors are the most gifted of all artists, after all their work is three dimensional and not just two as with traditional painters. It is far harder to get a nuance of a subject with a hammer and chisel than it is with a brush stroke. However, this is not the debate for this particular blog, we are […]

The Finest Sculptures of the World

Sculpture was one of the very first arts to be practiced and according to the dictionary sculpture is,  “the art of making two- or three-dimensional representative or abstract forms, especially by carving stone or wood or by casting metal or plaster.” The art of sculpture may not have the fame of painting or the popularity of music, it does not […]