Copy Of Salvator Mundi Discovered

Copy Of Salvator Mundi Discovered

Centuries after his most famous masterpieces, the universal genius Leonardo da Vinci still confuses his admirers. The creator of the Mona Lisa and countless modern inventions continues to make headlines. The last case came to the public light a few years ago. It all has begun when some experts discovered a new painting of the master. Experts attributed Salvator Mundi […]

What is Contemporary Art

What is Contemporary Art

First things first, let’s establish something: although many people tend to think that, contemporary art is not the same as modern art, and the two terms are not interchangeable. Modern art is not that which is relevant and created in our times, it is art that emerged back in the 1880s and had a lot of qualities that went beyond […]

Most Famous Art Forgeries

Wherever we find something unique, beautiful, and genuine, we will find its copy. Specially when it comes to art, considering the high prices some people are willing to pay for good classical and famous pieces of art, not only paintings, but also sculptures. Art forgeries are the act of creating a work of art that is falsely credited to someone […]

Cats in Art

It is not a secret that in ancient Egypt cats used to be worshipped, furthermore, this wasn’t the only civilization that has worshipped cats in history. Many societies have devoted themselves to our feline companions. Egyptians would drape their cats in jewels, Mesopotamians were the first civilization to domesticate cats, the Slavic and Chinese mythologies worship a crop protecting cats. […]

Italy’s Greatest Painters of all Times

Italy has given birth to some of the greatest painters of all times, this country is truly blessed with culture and art, being for centuries the cradle and epicenter of art in Europe in its biggest cities of Venice, Genoa, Rome and Florence. So, here’s a list of some of the greatest Italian painters of all times.

Art Appreciation and Its Elements

The artistic appreciation can be considered as the area of ​​knowledge that studies and values ​​the different artistic manifestations that man has made through history. Its purpose is to understand art as an inherent activity in the development of every human society in culture. As a critical analysis of a work of art obeys a need, mainly that of having […]

Some Trends in Contemporary Art to Keep an Eye On

From the body of a shark floating in formaldehyde, phosphorescent rabbits, an embalmed horse hanging from the ceiling, a huge figure of a puppy covered with flowers, piles of plastic cups or lollipops, or a disheveled bed, modern art is becoming bolder when it comes to reinventing itself. Artworks such as those mentioned, confused and amazed an audience that during […]

All You Need to Know About Drawing

Drawing is one of the most ancient forms of art we know and, although not every piece of visual art has been preceded by a preliminary sketch, is the basis of all compositions. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the late 14th century that drawing was recognized and studied as an art form of its own, and not only the primary presentation […]

Art Through the Ages – Part 3

Continuing our journey through time to look at the most influential art periods since the Stone Age, we paused after the wonderful era of Neoclassical art to take a breather before we kick start our next venture forward in time to enter the world of Romanticism.